Top 10 Chiropractic Service Providers In San Antonio, Texas.

Because injuries to the spine can happen at any time, here’s a list of the Top 10 Chiropractors in  San Antonio, Texas to help you lead a comfortable life! Even simple everday tasks such as walking, or lifting suitcases can have the potential to cause pain or discomfort and many of us just decide to live with them. A chricopractor can help you get rid of back pain, neck pain, headaches, sprains or strains, or another problem that involves your muscles, joints, and nervous system.

Browse through the list below and pick one!


1.  Back to Life Chiropractic


Back to Life Chiropractic, San Antonio, Texas

  •  Description: We are dedicated to staying on top of the latest chiropractic tools and treatments. It is our goal to create a friendly and professional atmosphere that you can rely on for all of your chiropractic needs.
  • Address: 1370 Pantheon Way # 160, San Antonio, TX 78232, USA
  • Email: Not available at the moment.
  • Phone Number: +1 210-494-3000
  • Average Rating: 5.0 (32)
  • Website:
  • Reviews:
    1. “She treats babies to the elderly equally well.”

2.  Huebner Chiropractic


Huebner Chiropractic, San Antonio, Texas

  •  Description: They put our patients at the center of their care by help them figure out the root of their problem and pain, and help find relief.

3. The Joint Chiropractic

The Joint Chiropractor, San Antonio, Texas

  •  Description: The Joint Chiropractic is the nation’s largest network of non-insurance, private pay chiropractic health care clinics in the United States. Their network consists of modern, consumer friendly chiropractic clinics and individually selected Doctors of Chiropractic that deliver quality pain relief and preventative care.

4. Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition And Wellness

Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition And Wellness, San antonia, texas

  •  Description: As a reputable San Antonio chiropractor, Dr. Donald Phillips has been providing individuals with chiropractic treatment solutions for over 25 years. Dr. Phillips is a pain relief specialist who is wholly dedicated to providing each patient with natural and non-invasive relief bodily pain and discomfort.

5. South Texas Chiropractic


South Texas Chiropractic, San Antonia, Texas

  •  Description:  Dr. David Kling and South Texas Chiropractic – a professional San Antonio chiropractic clinic. Dr. Kling strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

6. Chiropractic Centers of Texas


Chiropractic Centers of Texas San Antonio Texas

  •  Description: Dr. Tripp Puhl is a chiropractor serving the Alamo Heights community and the surrounding San Antonio area for over 10 years.

7. Comprehensive Chiropractic & Physical Therapy 


Comprehensive Chiropractic & Physical Therapy San Antonio Texas

  •  Description: Dr. Charles Oliver specializes in various chiropractic techniques along with wellness services to help you maintain your health. From children, to athletes, to those who are pregnant, they can help you feel your best naturally.
  • Address: 930 Proton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78258, USA
  • Email: Not available at the moment.
  • Phone Number: +1 210-545-1810
  • Average Rating: 4.8 (57)
  • Website:
  • Reviews:
    1. “The moment you walk into his office you are greeted by his friendly staff.” 

8. Pecan Valley Chiropractic


Pecan Valley Chiropractic, San Antonio, Texas

  •  Description: With chiropracctors Dr. Keith Taylor D.C and Dr. Brad Cudnik D.C., Pecas Valley Chiropractic strives for excellent patient care.

9. Texas Spine Clinic


Texas Spine Clinic, San Antonio, Texasa

  •  Description: Their mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality of chiropractic care in the non-surgical treatment of severe back pain, neck pain, and other injuries.

10. Dr. Golabs Chiropractic & Massage 


Dr. Golabs Chiropractic & Massage San Antonio Texas

  •  Description: At Dr Golab’s Chiropractic & Wellness in Stone Oak on the northern end of San Antonio Texas, one can be sure to find doctors and staff who are dedicated to serving and helping relieve pain.
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    With this list at your disposal you can easily pick out the best facilities that will help you lead a comfortable and efficient life! So if you’ve got a problem that involves your musculoskeletal system, rush to your nearest chiropractor now!

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