Top 10 Chiropractors in Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

Here’s a list of the Top 10 chiropractic service providers in Chicago, Illinois to help ease discomfort. The simplest of tasks such as walking or lifting suitcases can sometimes injure us and hence cause discomfort. Chiropractic can help you recover from these conditions and addresses the underlying cause of the pain. It is one of the fastest and most effective forms of care available to address spine and spinal related problems.

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1. MVP Chiropractic Chicago Loop

MVP Chiropractic Chicago Loop, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: MVP Chiropractic Chicago Loop has some of the best chiropractors in Chicago, Illinois. They create solutions to what is causing their patients pain instead of just treating the symptom at the quickest rate possible.


2.  Northside Chiropractic

Northside Chiropractic, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: It is a chiropractic facility for people of all ages. Northside utilizes a holistic, hands-on approach, state-of-the-art physiotherapy, and specializes in gentle chiropractic care.
  • Phone Number:+1 773-755-9515
  • Average Rating: 5.0 (19)
  • Reviews:
    1.”The staff is so nice, and the service is top notch.”
    2.”The doctor is very knowledgeable and Is great at explaining everything he sees.”
    3.”Since then, I’ve grown to appreciate spinal care and correct alignment.”

3. West Loop Spine & Stability

West Loop Spine & Stability, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: West Loop Spine & Stability specializes in correcting and preventing re-occurence of low back pain , neck pain, and extremity pain through the use of Chiropractic manipulation, Acupuncture, Physical therapy, Active release techniques, and Physiotherapies


4. The Joint Chiropractic

The Joint Chiropractic, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: Their mission is to improve quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care.


5. Chiropractic Chicago

Chiropractic Chicago, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: Chiropractic Chicago has been providing exceptional service to patients in the Chicagoland area for over 10 years. They are dedicated  to provide the most current and effective care to  each of their patients.


6. City Center Chiro & Rehab

City Center Chiro & Rehab, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: Dr. Baastrup provides spinal correction using the Impulse iQ adjusting instrument. Born out of over a decade of research and engineering, this instrument gives an accurate adjustment every time with its special “Auto-Sense” technology.


7.  Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers

Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: Their chiropractors take the time to conduct an indepth history and perform a comprehensive examination to customize a treatment that is tailored for your needs.


8.  Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center

Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center has proudly served the community in Chicago, Illinois since 1996. Today, the clinic continues to offer the same sterling standard of customer service, chiropractic expertise, and commitment to health and wellness to all of its patients, regardless of age or fitness level.


9.  Gold Coast Chiropractic

Gold Coast Chiropractic, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: The goal at Gold Coast Chiropractic is to create a clear and effective path to lasting pain relief and long-term health and wellness.


10.  Dr. Lori Portnoy, DC


Dr. Lori Portnoy, DC, Chicago, Illinois


  •  Description: Located in the heart of Chicago, the leading health professionals at Alpha Family Chiropractors are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives — combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum


  • Address: 954 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, USA
  • Email: Not available at the moment.
  • Phone Number:  +1 773-248-2323
  • Average Rating: 5.0 (41)
  • Website:
  • Reviews:
    1. “I would be remiss if I didn’t give props to Dr. Lori’s staff as well.”
    2. “This is honestly the place to go for chiropractic work.”
    3.”Dr. Portnoy has been our family chiropractor for 6 years.”
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    With this list at your disposal you can easily pick out the best facilities that will help you lead a comfortable and efficient life! So if you’ve got a problem that involves your musculoskeletal system, rush to your nearest chiropractor now!

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