Dental Care Clinics in Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Dental health is as important as the overall general and mental well-being of a person. Regular dental checkups are important to maintain the oral health of a person. According to The Global Burden of Disease Study 2016, oral diseases affect at least half the population of the world, making it essentially important that every person makes timely appointments to the dentist’s clinic.

Here are few Dental Care Clinics available in Jackson, Mississippi, USA:

1. Lakeland Dental Care

Lakeland Dental Care

  • Description: The Lakeland Dental Care is equipped with the latest dental technologies and provides exceptional and comprehensive state-of-the-art dental care service to every patient that visits them. Dr. Alex Abernathy has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years now.
  • Phone Number: +1 601-981-8166
  • Average Rating: 5 (3)
  • Reviews:

1.“Excellent quality of care provided by all staff.”
2. “The whole group, the Dr and everyone is great.”
3.“Best dentist around! Takes the time to explain everything and also to understand my concerns as a patient as well. Awesome staff too.”

2. Mississippi Smiles

Mississippi Smiles

  • Description: Mississippi smiles dentistry is a kid-friendly and a fun and upbeat dental care office fit for a family visit, with all dentists being MS-licensed. Contact County Line office to schedule a visit or to learn more about their dentistry.
  • Phone Number: +1 601-308-2022
  • Average Rating: 5 (358)
  • Reviews:

1. “Great atmosphere, excellent staff, and excellent service.”
2. “The entire staff was knowledgeable and very informative with their services.”
3. “Very quick service and friendly staff. They will have you in and out in no time. They work extremely well with my children and are very patient! My kids love every visit.”

3. Harmony Dental Care – Dr. Kalil Abide

Harmony Dental Care – Dr. Kalil Abide

  • Description: Kalil Abide happens to be very experienced in both general as well as cosmetic dentistry providing personalized attention and care and producing excellent results, helping one and all to improve their smiles.
  • Phone Number: +1 601-713-1923
  • Average Rating: 5 (29)
  • Website:
  • Reviews:

1. “Dr. Abide had discussed treatment options with me regarding an area in my mouth.”
2. “Hands down the best experience ever at a dental office!!”
3. “This is the cleanest office I’ve ever seen in my life for starters.”

4. Capital Dental, Inc.

Capital Dental Inc

  • Description: Capital Dental, Inc provide personalized care, the environment is warm and friendly, it’s conveniently located and the doctors have over 35 years of experience and knowledge in dentistry.
  • Phone Number: +1 601-336-1084
  • Average Rating: 5 (8)
  • Reviews:

1. “He is excellent and his staff is too!”
2. “The office staff are friendly, professional and prompt.”
3. “He does quality work and his integrity!”

5. Eastover Dental

Eastover Dental

  • Description: Eastover dental is a full service dentists’ office, which provides state-of-the-art equipment in a spa-like environment
  • Phone Number: +1 601-353-8459
  • Average Rating: 5 (55)
  • Reviews:

1. “Excellent professional service and wonderful atmosphere.”
2. “The staff is top notch and very kind.”
3. “I love the new office and location.”

6. Advanced Dental Clinic

Advanced Dental Clinic

  • Description: Cosmetic as well as general dentist. Very affordable in Jackson, offers the method of Invisalign and accepts Medicaid!
  • Phone Number: +1 601-206-1112
  • Average Rating: 9 (40)
  • Reviews:

1. “Excellent staff and excellent service.”
2. “Love, love, love this place.”
3. “Very comfortable and relaxing environment.”

7. Simmons Young Milling Pediatric Dentistry

Simmons, Young & Milling Pediatric Dentistry

  • Description: Simmons Young is a pediatric dental office that has been serving in the Mississippi area for over 50 years. Their aim is to provide best dental care and attention to everyone and treat them like a part of a one big family.
  • Phone Number: +1 601-982-8585
  • Average Rating: 5 (4)
  • Reviews:

1. “So, we can get all of our needs met with cleaning and braces all in one place.”
2. “Amazing. I’ve been going for 18 years and they treat everyone like family.”
3. “The best pediatric dentist in town.”

8. Bender Dental Associates, PC

Bender Dental Associates, PC

  • Description: Bender Dental Associates provides a bundle of services varying from general dentistry to oral surgeries and oral cancer screenings. They also extend periodontal services as well.
  • Phone Number: +1 601-362-0460
  • Average Rating: 5 (4)
  • Reviews:

1. “She and her staff are wonderful, friendly and always professional.”
2. “She has really restored and strengthened my teeth.”
3. “I’ve had great experience at this clinic for a number of years. The staff is friendly and appointments are timely.”

9. Mosal Dental Care

Mosal Dental Care

  • Description: Mosal Dental Care has been providing inexpensive, friendly, either personal or tailored dental treatment, while also supremely maintaining the comfort of the patients with each of their appointments. Another highlight of this dental care office is that it is LGBTQ-friendly!
  • Phone Number: 601-203-3608
  • Average Rating: 9(18)
  • Reviews:

1. “I love the atmosphere at this dental office.”
2. “Extremely professional with attention to detail and personal care.”
3. “Good, friendly, reliable service.”

10. Ridgewood Smiles Dentistry

Ridgewood Smiles Dentistry

  • Description: Ridgewood Smiles Dentistry if you are looking for a standard quality dental care in a comfortable and relaxing family environment. Their dentists offer superior, comprehensive services and personalized dental care.
  • Phone Number: +1 6001-398-2934
  • Average Rating: 8 (40)
  • Reviews:

1. “I absolutely love Dr. Snell and her staff, feels like I’m right at home.”
2. “Great experience. Customer Service was A1. The ladies were highly professional.”
3. “You are always greeted with a smile and the doctor and assistants are amazing.”

In comparison to the earlier times, people have now started taking due care of their dental health leading to rise of dentists in every nook and corner of the world. It’s important that one must see a dentist once in every six months because prevention is always better than cure!