Chiropractic Clinics In Las Vegas City

Back aches, body aches and other kind of similar issues have grown a lot in a previous few years, this is basically due to the change in lifestyles of individuals. Among people seeking relief from all kind of pains, Chiropractic treatment has emerged as a leader. Around 22 million people from the states visit Chiropractic Clinics annually. For your ease we have created a list of Chiropractic clinics of Las Vegas, who have got your back whenever you need them.

1. The Joint Chiropractic


The joint chiropractic


  • Description: The Joint Chiropractic is located in a convenient place, and is available at your service in the night as well as on the weekends. The center offers personalized plans by licensed Chiropractic professionals.
  • Phone Number: (702) 425-1736
  • Average Rating: 4.9 (185)
  • Reviews:

1. Such a wonderful place for chiropractic care. The price is incredibly affordable. The doc’s there are really great, very caring and sweet. My back feels wonderful. I couldn’t ask for more!!
2. I’m so happy to get relief! I moved here at the end of May and after moving so many boxes, I was in pain. I tried stretching and many other things hoping it would go away. After one session with Dr. Ron, 98% of my discomfort was gone! Afterwards we discussed a future plan of care and he seem to genuinely care about my pain free future. Well done!
3. It was a great experience! Renae at the front desk was amazing!! Everyone was beyond nice and really explained everything thoroughly.

2. Schleusner Chiropractic


Schleusner Chiropractic


  • Description: Schleusner Chiropractic has professionals who are all graduates of the famed Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, where chiropractic originally began. The doctors and staff at this center work only for excellence and they give their cent percent for the treatment of patients, and education.
  • Phone Number: +1 702-732-4044
  • Average Rating: 4.9 (100)
  • Reviews:
    1. I felt much better and will return. I’ve been to many too rough but this was perfect. Thanks for the help to all.
    2. Great service with great people!! This place cares about your well being, not just another quick case…….Thank you Schleusner Chiropractic for helping me feel better and move again!!!!! I highly recommend this to anyone thinking about chiropractic care.
    3. Was in Vegas for a vacation when I had severe neck pain, I could barely move. I visited Dr. Eric and he literally is a miracle worker. Went the second day and I am almost pain free. I will continue to come for adjustments every time I am in town. They love Canadians and are so helpful and caring. Would recommend Dr. Eric to anyone that needs to see a chiropractor in Vegas.

3. Las Vegas Pain Relief Center

Las Vegas Pain Relief Center

  • Description: Las Vegas Pain Relief Center: ​Dr. Jon S. Petrick, D.C., is the CEO and Clinical Director of the Las Vegas Pain Relief Centers. He has a license in Chiropractic and is skilled in various areas of pain management. The center has world famous sport chiropractor, and was also voted The Best Sports Medicine Clinic in Las Vegas, NV
  • Phone Number: +1 702-948-2520
  • Average Rating: 4.9(72)
  • Reviews:

1.My knee is now doing great hope this treatment continues to help.

2. Friendly staff, Dr explains what going to do, I feel no pain. Thanks so much!!!

3. I was extremely impressed by Dr. Petrick and his staff. This was my first experience of chiropractic work. He was very gentle and knowledgeable. I felt immediate relief of strain and stress. My dear friend has been his client for ten years and insisted  he was the best. I have never been more satisfied with the professionalism and therapy that he has provided for me.

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4. Mountain West Chiropractic

Mountain West Chiropractic

  • Description: Mountain West Chiropractic was setup in 1991, since then the clinic has helped patients of Las Vegas live an active, and comfortable life. MWC doctors treat people of all ages, from new-born to senior citizens. They have expertise in providing quick relief from acute and chronic pain, disc pain, headaches, low back and leg pain, and poor posture
  • Phone Number: (702) 256-8686
  • Average Rating: 4.7 (43)
  • Reviews:
  1. Excellent Chiropractor Great Customer Service. Highly Recommend
  2. I have been to other chiropractors but they are very thorough here! They didn’t just treat me. They took the time to make sure they knew what they were treating, and then we created a plan to get my body back into alignment. I  couldn’t be happier with the treatment I’m receiving!! They are one of the best.
  3. I was in a car accident. When I first came in I was really sore….they were very patient and understanding with me. I have also recommended this office to close friends as I am impressed with their service and staff.

5. The Chiropractic Center of Las Vegas

The Chiropractic Center of Las Vegas

  • Description: The Chiropractic Center of Las Vegas: The clinic works on improving the future by changing the present. With constant efforts from Dr. Kaldy and his associates of the Chiropractic Center of Las Vegas the future quality of life of the patients who visit the clinic is being improved.
  • Phone Number: +1 702-212-3333
  • Average Rating: 5 (30)
  • Reviews:
    1. Best Chiropractor in Las Vegas. No sales pitch to buy unnecessary items or pressure for unnecessary treatments. Just good, quality service. Felt better after just the first treatment. Staff is professional and friendly as well.
    2. Kaldy’s office does a great job of fitting me into their schedule. Dr. Kaldy has made such a big difference in my comfort level.
    3. Always an excellent experience here. Dr Kaldy has helped me greatly, and the staff members are awesome!
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6. Fallon Chiropractic Inc.

Fallon Chiropractic

  • Description: Fallon Chiropractic Inc.: Dr. Nancy J. Fallon of the Fallon Chiropractic clinic secured her doctorate in chiropractic from Palmer College, in the year 1987. The professionals working at Fallon are fully trained in order to provide best service to their patients.
  • Phone Number:+1 702-248-4488
  • Average Rating: 4.8 (20)
  • Reviews:

1.What a wonderful place!! Incredibly knowledgeable! Super friendly and I have never felt better! I would recommend this chiropractor to anybody. Thank you Dr Fallon and your amazing team. And bringing to the table new and innovative ideas to help our lives and our backs feel better

2.Even though I was simply visiting in town, Dr Fallon treated me very well and took the time to treat my neck injury. She knew I was not going to be a long time customer, but still was very helpful and offered me a plan that fit my budget. She was very professional and the care I received was excellent. I highly recommend her.

3.If you are looking for the best Chiropractor around, look no further! Dr. Fallon is caring, friendly, and reasonable and will find the best plan for you. I have been going to Dr. Fallon for over 3 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. Her nurse Sheree (may have spelled that wrong) is awesome as well as her massage therapists. Do your body a favor… Go see Nancy at Fallon Chiropractic.

7. Chiropractic Healing Center

Chiropractic Healing Center

  • Description: Chiropractic Healing Center is located near to the Summerlin in northwest Las Vegas. The clinic has all the necessary equipment to all the necessary services for the well-being of their patients. The sole purpose of the clinic is to help people achieve optimal health naturally
  • Phone Number: +1 702-215-2090
  • Average Rating: 5 (20)
  • Reviews:

1.Seriously amazing massage and chiropractic adjustment. Really nice staff who helped with my back spasms. They were very accommodating when I had to get adjusted after hurting my back, while transporting my luggage on my way to Las Vegas for my wedding. A lot of other places wouldn’t have been willing to take someone for a single visit like that and I think it shows how caring the staff are.

2.Always great customer service always takes time to insure great results every time

3.Dr Cheree is a fantastic chiropractor! She’s caring and compassionate; all her staff are top notch!

8.  Live Well Chiropractic

Live Well Chiropractic

  • Description: Dr. Cheryle Pettigrew of the Live Well Chiropractic graduated in 2010 from the Cleveland Chiropractic College. Live Well Chiropractic has an Advanced Decompression Therapy System that gives highly effective and non-surgical solutions for Disc related low back and neck pain issues.
  • Phone Number: +1 702-878-2225
  • Average Rating: 5 (13)
  • Reviews:
    1. Pettigrew has been treating me for over a year now. Her gentle, patient and professional approach has helped to keep pain at bay, even during my current flare up of Achilles tendinitis.
    2. Amazing Experience, she has handled me with such care. Anyone who is hurting go to her as she knows what she is doing and is helping me through this journey 😉
    3. Pettigrew is the best! I went to see her after I had some knee pain and rib pain from years of basketball. She was able to adjust me and even me out. My rib pain is gone and my knees feel much better and I’m able to play ball again. I go see Dr. Pettigrew once or twice a week now and I highly recommend he services

9. Yen Chiropractic

Yen Chiropractic

  • Description: Yen Chiropractic: It is a walk-in wellness care clinic. It is located within the ‘North Las Vegas’ area and offers chiropractic care without any appointments. It offers hip and corrective spinal alignments in North Las Vegas.
  • Phone Number: +1 702-685-8776
  • Average Rating: 5 (16)
  • Website:
  • Reviews:

   1.I have been visiting Dr. Yen for years. He has always taken care of me with great service and care. By far the best price in town!

 2.I was having lower back pain. It was difficult to bend over which is a hard thing not to do when you have two toddlers s 1 and 2 year old. In one visit I was better. No more pain AT ALL. The price is amazing and he’s very professional and nice. I recommend him to EVERYONE.

 3. Very kind and personable, was able to fix an issue in my wrist that has been giving me problems for quite some time. I highly recommend him if you need a good crack!

10. Lake Mead Chiropractic

Lake Mead Chiropractic

  • Description: Lake Mead Chiropractic: Dr. Mathew K. Mortensen D.C. of the Lake Mead Chiropractic provides excellent chiropractic care, to patients. Lake Mead Chiropractic is the right place to go to If you are suffering from back pain, headaches, sciatica, or were in an auto collision.
  • Phone Number: +1 702-255-3003
  • Average Rating: 5 (5)
  • Reviews:

1. All staff is very friendly and always a pleasure to be around! Dr. Matt is amazing and very willing to explain every detail for you to completely understand what he offers for treatment. Would recommend 100%!
2. Matt is awesome I am 9 months pregnant and have been adjusted from the very beginning of my pregnancy and I feel great in every way. Absolutely love the environment he keeps in his office he actually cares for everyone’s wellbeing and gives the best advice and knowledge about his treatments!.
3. Awesome experience Dr Matt truly cares about the health and the wellbeing of his patients. Eye opener on chiropractic and how much it works!

This list serves as a complete guide to the best chiropractic clinics of the region and it is completely based on the feedback of people, so rush to the nearest clinic to get your back fixed.